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"Lucía Lilikoi is able to generate with her music consciousness levels worthy of a true pagan priestess."

~Territorios Sevilla.

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Lucia Lilikoi has just released her self-produced third studio album. Vessel is an exploration on our relationship to water, and the Heroine’s journey across the ocean. The songs in Vessel weave sensual, intimate storytelling with a translucent, yet familiar dreamworld. Vessel speaks of the journey across water that all humans must undergo, in the metaphorical sense but also in the personal. Lucia has created her own brand of dream folk.

Musicians include Julie Wolf (Ani Difranco, Joan Baez, Sia) co-producing alongside Lucia, Joey Maramba on bowed electric bass (Rickie Lee Jones, John Cale), Dan Brantigan on horns (Kaki King), amongst others.

In her second album, Tame the Night Lucia teamed up with Grammy winning producer Malcolm Burn (Emmylou Harris). She often tours over the West Coast and in Europe, performing at venues like the Alcázar in Sevilla and The House of Blues in Los Angeles. Lucia’s compositions have appeared on Showtime's The L Word, and documentaries Sold in America, and The Future of Energy, featuring the luminary Joanna Macy. Lucia has been involved in music since she was 7 years old, learning piano at the Madrid Conservatory, Jazz and composition at Berklee College of Music, and vocal improvisation from master teacher Rhiannon.   

Lucia’s main interest is to create a world of sound where listeners can immerse and experience magic, healing and a return to our distant home. For her, the role of music in social change and subtle activism is vital.


"Lucía Lilikoi is able to generate with her music consciousness levels worthy of a true pagan priestess. Her third album carries the evocative title ‘Vessel’, a small master piece of intimist pop which proposes a journey through water as a
means of purification and personal growth.” ~Territorios Sevilla

"The Spanish-born multi-instrumentalist lends her breathy vocals to daring songs. In her startlingly beautiful lyrics she is not confined by the strict limits of rhyme. She has created a record that challenges listeners to open themselves up to sounds that are dreamy and different, to go on the voyage with her. It’s a trip worth taking." ~Marin IJ.

"Lucia's beautiful and provocative album came out in late Dec. I have played it over and over. Sensuous, intelligent, gorgeous vocals, wonderful arrangements that take you through the cd without pause. I am so happy for Lucia and grateful for the way she carries music and improvisation in her work. Congratulations." ~Rhiannon.

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