Death Valley

Last week I was quenched by the desert.

I headed to Death Valley with my friends at Wild Awakenings to be the song-leader in their yearly Vision Quest, to hold space and to also participate.

We spent the first night in one of the towns close to where they set up camp, and since there was an open mic that night I decided to play a couple of songs. After the show a young woman approached me and we started talking. She mentioned she's a dancer, and that triggered a memory of a short documentary I had seen a few months ago. It's the story of a well known dancer in NY in the 50s who decides to move to the desert and start anew. She buys a theater, and decides to perform there, but since it's the middle of the desert and no one comes to the shows, she paints her audience (for 6 years!). This woman is a one-woman-show, she choreographs, collaborates on the music, performs, creates her scenery and costumes, her name is Marta Becket. Fast forward to this day and age, and a younger dancer who's deeply inspired by Marta's work decides that she, too, will move to the desert, and learn her repertoire, and also, perform every night. In a magical way she revitalizes the theater, and Marta comes to see her perform every night.

SO... I tell my new friend about this documentary, and how incredible that is, and if she's heard about this story, which, to me sounds obscure, and what are the chances..? since the desert is pretty vast.

But she responds, and says "sure, that's the Amargosa Opera House, and I'm that dancer, I'm Jenna McClintock. Magic! So there you have it, here's my first synchronistic moment in the desert, and an affirmation that magic exists. Plus, Jenna is super cool, and a dancer, and now we're trying to figure out ways to collaborate. I love it when things like these happen.

See documentary below...

After that magical first night, we headed to the silence of the vast open desert. Our Vision Quest was amazing. Three days fasting, honoring our ancestors, weaving community, being nature, sleeping under the moon and starts, rising with the sun, and exploring our edges.

On our way back, we of course had to stop by the Amargosa Theatre and honor it in our own way. I played my new song "Land where I belong" (watch below) in front of it before we got a tour of the inside. We found out that Marta has just passed away a month ago... RIP Marta, thank you for your fierce determination and amazing art.

Following my heart payed off. So much abundance in the shape of friendship, intimacy, the elements, shiny hidden gems, hotsprings, meaningful work, music and magic. More please, and thank you universe! (Photos of my new friend Jenna and our journey below)

Singing the Land + Sea {A Playshop}

Join us this Sunday March 26th. Spring has come and it's time to be outdoors! I will lead a group of people in a singing meditation and circlesinging, as we walk the hills of Mount Tamalpais and are nourished by the waters of Muir Beach. No previous singing training necessary, this is a way to have fun and celebrate this beautiful land together. This is a kid and family friendly event. The morning will include:

+ Walking Meditation

+ Deep Listening

+ Vocal Improvisation

+ Weaving community

+ Singing the elements 

Click here to reserve your spot.



OCEAN ≈ New Video

Dear ones,

Here an offering to the waters in you, me and all around us.

This is an Ode to the Ocean, and a song in Vessel.
I created the video, and poured my love into it. The amazing Naomi Jason danced in it and I'm very proud to share it with you.

I hope it will bring inspiration to your hearts. Please share this with your friends.
With love and gratitude,

::: Ocean on Bandcamp :::

OCEAN (written and recorded by Lucia Lilikoi © 2016)
≈ ∆ ≈
Ocean, you give it all
Ocean, you tear my soul
Colors, grey, blue and green
Fill me with everything that could be

May we revere you
May we realize all the gifts you bring
The freedom to swim in you
Makes us who we are
Makes me forget the façade

Oh, how you flow
How your spirit shows

We thank you for life
Who would device such a gentle kiss?
To make me complete

You’re the mother
The water that flows through our veins
The lover
To ease my pain

Oh, how you flow
How your spirit shows
You’re the source
You’re the water, the water …
>>>- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - <<<
The Story of Ocean...

Ocean was the last song I wrote for my album Vessel, in 2014. I was undergoing the pains of a difficult breakup, and I had secluded into my mountain cottage by Mt. Tam in Northern California. At the time I'd make visits to the Ocean, and the waters were the only thing that offered solace.
The constant coming and going of the waves, like the breath, reflected a solid affirmation of life, beyond any human peril. The fluidity, a caress, the refreshing water a deep embrace to my whole body, both physical and emotional.
I feel a freedom when I swim that I can't find on the earth. I feel like myself, like I can fly and express motion and movement unrestricted , unjudged. I could swim forever.
Since then, and each time I've been developing a deeper relationship with water. I have seen and felt its presence as an entity in itself. I see water's wisdom, bringer of life, ally of freedom, and mother to us all living things. I am grateful to its infinite forms, grateful beyond anything.

SF Lucia Lilikoi.jpg

In 2015, when my campaign for Vessel was underway we (me and Sean Beresford) recorded Ocean in the Headlands, to sonically impress the influence of the Bay on these recordings. The sounds you hear are of these Pacific waters, the steps and voices of people visiting on a very foggy morning.

naomi maui.jpg

Then in February 2016 I asked a new friend, cosmic dancer and muse of all things beautiful, Naomi Jason to improvise to my music. She said yes, and in the spirit of spontaneity I recorded her dancing in a beautiful yoga shala in Maui. I believe the waters we swam in, the vegetation that's flourishing there, and the beautiful community had also an influence on this video.

maui ocean.jpg

It's been a process. Editing the video while I was on tour and then at home was no easy task, since besides NOT being a film editor I am also a perfectionist, but here it is. I invite you to watch, listen, and enjoy. And please share, being an independent artist this is the only way my music gets to be heard. Support Vessel here.
Gracias ≈


T O U R Dates {Update}

Hiya from Berlin!

The show at Ecstatic Dance was wonderful, I got to connect with amazing people, serenade the room and even improvise with the rocking goddess/DJ Melissa Honeybee who did an amazing set. {Vid below} I've been learning the city by bike, foot, and train. Sang with a beauty at the Global Stones project at Tiergarten, got soaked in the rain, smelled the linden flowers perfuming the city (a smell I wish I could bottle and take with me...), spent the day at Liquidrom singing and swimming with another beauty, and enjoying the unfolding of this adventure. 

Tonight I'll play at Bar Bobu and tomorrow at Often Bar. Next Sunday at Contact Improv and that will be the end of my leg in Berlin.

Some more shows have sprouted...! I'm stoked to join Murray Kyle in Tallinn, Estonia, at Natural High Fest, in Helsinki, and then in Barcelona and Gerona.

See the new flyer! Come say hi to one of the shows...share with your friends, and may the music and sunshine guide us on. Much love ≈ <3 ≈


My Sevilla Band . Photo courtesy of Nacho Beca

My Sevilla Band . Photo courtesy of Nacho Beca

I was super excited to perform at the Territorios Festival in Sevilla, and had been dreaming of it since I knew I'd be part of the lineup. Only two days before the scheduled show we were told that it was cancelled.

To say I was disappointed is an understatement, after rehearsing with my Sevilla band for some days, (Pepe Frias on bass, Marcos Gamero on drums, and Manuel Iman on guitar) I had fallen in love with them. The songs brought to a new dimension, the energy of playing live electrifying and activating. I was feeling so privileged and honored to finally share my own songs, my own body of work through Vessel to a large audience. And alas, it did not happen.

Luckily, a few days later we played at La Caja Negra, a local venue where the following week I had the pleasure of seeing el Pájaro. We were able to play live as a band, and it felt like the energy put into the project hadn't gone to waste. It felt wonderful being on stage, sharing music with these guys in front of a very warming audience. (See photos here from Nacho Beca and Nico Salas)

The days that followed the cancellation I felt like Alice in Wonderland, walking through a nonsensical maze, not knowing the reasons, and feeling disoriented as to why I was here. We played a show in Jerez, this time without Pepe, but with Iñaki (bass player of Imán) joining us in a few songs. After feeling the amazing waters in the beach of Cádiz, we returned to Sevila, where I played an acoustic set at a homeless shelter, a truly moving evening, where deep appreciation was exchanged. It feels really amazing to be of purpose with my music.

Things have taken many turns on this tour already. As it is self-organized, going with the flow and working with venue managers, flight scheduling, and finding homes has been all consuming. Many a times I still wonder why I am doing what I do, and whether all this groundwork is making any difference. Something as simple as sharing Vessel and play live can be a difficult daily exercise in patience.

And still, here I am, in rainy Berlin, about to play at Ecstatic Dance, meeting new wonderful people, learning the city, hopeful that this journey is not in vain.

My hope is that Vessel will be heard high and wide, that it reaches the hearts of people, that it makes a difference, and that I have a purpose to keep making music, which is what brings me alive.

I'll see you in the next chapter!!