OCEAN ≈ New Video

Dear ones,

Here an offering to the waters in you, me and all around us.

This is an Ode to the Ocean, and a song in Vessel.
I created the video, and poured my love into it. The amazing Naomi Jason danced in it and I'm very proud to share it with you.

I hope it will bring inspiration to your hearts. Please share this with your friends.
With love and gratitude,

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OCEAN (written and recorded by Lucia Lilikoi © 2016)
≈ ∆ ≈
Ocean, you give it all
Ocean, you tear my soul
Colors, grey, blue and green
Fill me with everything that could be

May we revere you
May we realize all the gifts you bring
The freedom to swim in you
Makes us who we are
Makes me forget the façade

Oh, how you flow
How your spirit shows

We thank you for life
Who would device such a gentle kiss?
To make me complete

You’re the mother
The water that flows through our veins
The lover
To ease my pain

Oh, how you flow
How your spirit shows
You’re the source
You’re the water, the water …
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The Story of Ocean...

Ocean was the last song I wrote for my album Vessel, in 2014. I was undergoing the pains of a difficult breakup, and I had secluded into my mountain cottage by Mt. Tam in Northern California. At the time I'd make visits to the Ocean, and the waters were the only thing that offered solace.
The constant coming and going of the waves, like the breath, reflected a solid affirmation of life, beyond any human peril. The fluidity, a caress, the refreshing water a deep embrace to my whole body, both physical and emotional.
I feel a freedom when I swim that I can't find on the earth. I feel like myself, like I can fly and express motion and movement unrestricted , unjudged. I could swim forever.
Since then, and each time I've been developing a deeper relationship with water. I have seen and felt its presence as an entity in itself. I see water's wisdom, bringer of life, ally of freedom, and mother to us all living things. I am grateful to its infinite forms, grateful beyond anything.

SF Lucia Lilikoi.jpg

In 2015, when my campaign for Vessel was underway we (me and Sean Beresford) recorded Ocean in the Headlands, to sonically impress the influence of the Bay on these recordings. The sounds you hear are of these Pacific waters, the steps and voices of people visiting on a very foggy morning.

naomi maui.jpg

Then in February 2016 I asked a new friend, cosmic dancer and muse of all things beautiful, Naomi Jason to improvise to my music. She said yes, and in the spirit of spontaneity I recorded her dancing in a beautiful yoga shala in Maui. I believe the waters we swam in, the vegetation that's flourishing there, and the beautiful community had also an influence on this video.

maui ocean.jpg

It's been a process. Editing the video while I was on tour and then at home was no easy task, since besides NOT being a film editor I am also a perfectionist, but here it is. I invite you to watch, listen, and enjoy. And please share, being an independent artist this is the only way my music gets to be heard. Support Vessel here.
Gracias ≈