My Sevilla Band . Photo courtesy of Nacho Beca

My Sevilla Band . Photo courtesy of Nacho Beca

I was super excited to perform at the Territorios Festival in Sevilla, and had been dreaming of it since I knew I'd be part of the lineup. Only two days before the scheduled show we were told that it was cancelled.

To say I was disappointed is an understatement, after rehearsing with my Sevilla band for some days, (Pepe Frias on bass, Marcos Gamero on drums, and Manuel Iman on guitar) I had fallen in love with them. The songs brought to a new dimension, the energy of playing live electrifying and activating. I was feeling so privileged and honored to finally share my own songs, my own body of work through Vessel to a large audience. And alas, it did not happen.

Luckily, a few days later we played at La Caja Negra, a local venue where the following week I had the pleasure of seeing el Pájaro. We were able to play live as a band, and it felt like the energy put into the project hadn't gone to waste. It felt wonderful being on stage, sharing music with these guys in front of a very warming audience. (See photos here from Nacho Beca and Nico Salas)

The days that followed the cancellation I felt like Alice in Wonderland, walking through a nonsensical maze, not knowing the reasons, and feeling disoriented as to why I was here. We played a show in Jerez, this time without Pepe, but with Iñaki (bass player of Imán) joining us in a few songs. After feeling the amazing waters in the beach of Cádiz, we returned to Sevila, where I played an acoustic set at a homeless shelter, a truly moving evening, where deep appreciation was exchanged. It feels really amazing to be of purpose with my music.

Things have taken many turns on this tour already. As it is self-organized, going with the flow and working with venue managers, flight scheduling, and finding homes has been all consuming. Many a times I still wonder why I am doing what I do, and whether all this groundwork is making any difference. Something as simple as sharing Vessel and play live can be a difficult daily exercise in patience.

And still, here I am, in rainy Berlin, about to play at Ecstatic Dance, meeting new wonderful people, learning the city, hopeful that this journey is not in vain.

My hope is that Vessel will be heard high and wide, that it reaches the hearts of people, that it makes a difference, and that I have a purpose to keep making music, which is what brings me alive.

I'll see you in the next chapter!!