Death Valley

Last week I was quenched by the desert.

I headed to Death Valley with my friends at Wild Awakenings to be the song-leader in their yearly Vision Quest, to hold space and to also participate.

We spent the first night in one of the towns close to where they set up camp, and since there was an open mic that night I decided to play a couple of songs. After the show a young woman approached me and we started talking. She mentioned she's a dancer, and that triggered a memory of a short documentary I had seen a few months ago. It's the story of a well known dancer in NY in the 50s who decides to move to the desert and start anew. She buys a theater, and decides to perform there, but since it's the middle of the desert and no one comes to the shows, she paints her audience (for 6 years!). This woman is a one-woman-show, she choreographs, collaborates on the music, performs, creates her scenery and costumes, her name is Marta Becket. Fast forward to this day and age, and a younger dancer who's deeply inspired by Marta's work decides that she, too, will move to the desert, and learn her repertoire, and also, perform every night. In a magical way she revitalizes the theater, and Marta comes to see her perform every night.

SO... I tell my new friend about this documentary, and how incredible that is, and if she's heard about this story, which, to me sounds obscure, and what are the chances..? since the desert is pretty vast.

But she responds, and says "sure, that's the Amargosa Opera House, and I'm that dancer, I'm Jenna McClintock. Magic! So there you have it, here's my first synchronistic moment in the desert, and an affirmation that magic exists. Plus, Jenna is super cool, and a dancer, and now we're trying to figure out ways to collaborate. I love it when things like these happen.

See documentary below...

After that magical first night, we headed to the silence of the vast open desert. Our Vision Quest was amazing. Three days fasting, honoring our ancestors, weaving community, being nature, sleeping under the moon and starts, rising with the sun, and exploring our edges.

On our way back, we of course had to stop by the Amargosa Theatre and honor it in our own way. I played my new song "Land where I belong" (watch below) in front of it before we got a tour of the inside. We found out that Marta has just passed away a month ago... RIP Marta, thank you for your fierce determination and amazing art.

Following my heart payed off. So much abundance in the shape of friendship, intimacy, the elements, shiny hidden gems, hotsprings, meaningful work, music and magic. More please, and thank you universe! (Photos of my new friend Jenna and our journey below)